What exactly is connection

And how can it dramatically improve your game?

Connection is very simple – The first and most important part of connection is to keep your elbows down throughout your swing.  Knowing the direction your elbows point throughout your swing is critical to understanding the problems you are having in your golf swing. Try this. Stand up and pretend you are going to do some curls or carry something heavy, your palms should face the ceiling and your elbows should be touching your side – your arms will be hanging from the socket naturally.  Now with your left hand (if your a righty) grab a golf club or imagine one, and setup to the ball. Keeping your arms hanging naturally and your elbows pointing directly behind you – notice where the club face is; it should be facing your target just like you are setting up for a shot. Now keeping the club in your hand move your elbow so it points away from you (toward your target) and notice how much the club face has moved.  The move is huge! Now you know why most amateurs hook and slice the ball.  This is what we call being “disconnected.”  To stay connected simply keep your elbows pointing down throughout the ENTIRE swing and you will see the giant hooks and slices literally disappear from your game.

Watch Jimmy Ballard explain this concept in this quick 15 second video.

Disconnected from the POWER in your big muscles

Not only does becoming disconnected create slices and hooks, but when you are disconnected you are sacrificing major distance.  When people use the V-Harness for the first time, they often say “I didn’t know I had such a small shoulder turn,” this is because when your elbows are pointed down the only way you can move your arms is by bending your elbow. Try it.  Bend your arms so your elbows are pointing down then try to move your upper arm, they literally don’t move unless your elbow starts pointing away from perpendicular with the ground. So if you apply this idea to your golf swing the only way you can get your club to the top of the swing is by rotating your torso and putting your back to the target.  That is how you use the BIG MUSCLES, and swing with less effort to get more distance.

The major flaw of most amateurs

This is one of the MAJOR problems amateurs face in their swing – their elbows are not pointing down throughout their entire swing. They swing with all arms and it FEELS like they are swinging hard, but they are not getting the most out of their club head speed because they are not rotating their torso.  To make things worse, if they do hit the ball solid their club face is at the completely wrong angle at impact creating all sorts of spin – hooks and slices – in their ball flight.  All because their elbows were not pointing down throughout their swing.

Making changes in your golf swing is difficult

Simplify the process with the V-Harness

  • The V-Harness Tour Model

    The V-harness goes on over your shoulders, and attaches to any club in your bag – driver through wedge.

  • Fitting the V-Harness

    Once the V-harness is on, adjust the straps to fit it snug. It will fit anyone up to a 50 inch chest.

  • Attach it to your club

    Pick which club you want to work with, and slide the adapter up the shaft until it rests on the end of your grip.

  • The Setup Position

    Setup and you will feel the pull of the cords to get down to the ball, the cords should be taut at address.

  • Keep the V-cords taut

    Take a swing keeping the V-Cords taut. You will feel resistance and if the V-cords breakdown you are out of position.

Learn how the V-Harness can help your game.

  • The V-Harness has lowered my handicap from a 42 to an 18 in two golf seasons. Before using the V-Harness I was always in the 120′s, after using the V-Harness I’m averaging in the low 90′s to mid 80′s with an 18 handicap & I’m hitting the driver 40 yards longer.

    Author's imageJoe H.18 Handicap
  • Before the V-Harness my average score was 83-85, now I’m consistently breaking 80. It also raised my ball flight so I can hit my irons higher, and land them softer, and added about ten yards to my irons. The V-Harness is amazing, it has been the only thing that has ever helped me.

    Author's imageMatt P.10 Handicap

  • The first time I saw the V-Harness, I was skeptical, I mean anybody would be when you see the thing. And your thinking to yourself how are you going to swing?

    We filmed a couple swings before I even put it on just to get a comparison and see what this thing really does. My swing at the beginning was flat it was fast but it wasn’t powerful, I felt like I was swinging hard but the ball wasn’t flying good, we put the V-Harness on and filmed a couple of swings I was shocked to see the results; it was truly amazing to see my ball flight change from a slap to the right to a beautiful high straight ball.

    The V-Harness has really helped me come in through the ball hit a nice high straight ball flight, its absolutely incredible what it has done to my golf swing.

    Author's imageJeff D.2 Handicap
  • I could feel the tightness in my arms, and it made me realize, when I put the V-Harness on, that I lacked extension. The concept of keeping the cords taut showed me just how little extension I had and it made it more effortless to hit the ball. I was able to hit the ball with less effort and actually further; in only ten minutes I was able to hit a six iron 10-15 yards further.

    When I took the V-Harness off, the club felt like it was half the weight that it was before I put the V-Harness on. It trains your muscles and I had a much higher ball flight after using the V-Harness. I have always hit the ball too low but with the V-Harness I was able to get a lot of height, and it felt good. I was impressed with the V-Harness and I definitely know for a fact that it helped my swing.

    Author's imageTerry R.14 Handicap
  • When I first put the V-Harness on I thought we were going bungee jumping or jumping out of an airplane or something; it was very unique. But I loved it, I put it on and actually videotaped one of my swings and it was amazing the difference, my club was right on plane I couldn’t believe it.

    It’s the difference between actually feeling it and having someone tell you you have to stay connected, I could immediately feel it. It’s simple you just put it on, get it adjusted to the proper fit which is very easy to do and it just keeps you so connected and in the perfect position.

    The V-Harness is the real deal it helped everything and what I loved about it too is it didn’t just help my driver; I just hit some shots out of the green-side bunker and it felt awesome; its right through the whole bag. I’m going to use it for chipping, pitching, sand game, everything. The V-Harness is amazing its going to make me want to play a lot more golf.

    Author's imageMatt A.5 Handicap
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